I’ve been in Mumbai the past few days visiting with IIT-Bombay students and faculty involved with Acara Challenge.

I’ll go out into the communities tomorrow but here are some images of the IIT-B team.

The students and faculty here have done a great job in getting real and valuable field research done, and in working to collaborate with their US counterparts.

Much of the feedback from the students was as expected: questions on the purpose of the challenge, communication issues with US students, how to restructure the class here, and feedback on the challenge itself. Much of this is of course due to the late nature of getting this pilot going at IIT-B. However despite that, the feedback on the overall challenge is positive and we have had a lot of discussions on how to make it work for fall semester (which starts here the end of July).

Ravi and I have been working on an agenda for the winning team’s US team members trip to Mumbai, in late May. This is viewed as a “launch”, not a “hey, let’s go to Mumbai and have fun for winning” trip. The students will have to work on validating their approach, work to make progress, make recommendations for how to continue, and meet with potential funders here. And have some fun, too.