Another thread of Acara comes from the Exchange program I started with High Tech Kids. Sometime back when Erin and I were both working on HTK, we wanted to create a program where kids globally would work on one team, around a common challenge. So we started an exchange around Lego League teams, with our partner Barbara Gomez de Navarro, who is executive director of EDC Mexico, an NGO in Mexico City. We did
3 pairs of teams over a couple of years with great success. But the best exchange team came from the Techno Travelers, with team members in Minnesotat and Florida, that literally built and programmed their robot using Internet collaboration tools like Skype and DimDim. This team was an inspiration in some of the thoughts behind Acara’s collaboration programs. The Techno Travelers recently were state champions in Minnesota, here is a nice TV interview of them. And their own blog.