While I am here in India, I’ve been meeting with a variety of potential collaborators with Acara. India is a hotbed of entrepreneurship in many ways. It’s not Silicon Valley, but it has a greater breadth of things happening I think. All the way from micro-entrepreneurs up to hard core “I want to be the next Google” IT entrepreneurs. Acara is more focused on the former of course. Here are a couple groups I’ve met with:

  • IIT-Bombay, SINE (Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship) is the incubator associated with IIT-Bombay. Their mission is to help all those brilliant IIT-ians that want to start their own company. They have a nice portfolio and they provide a location to help the students get started and then help connect them with VCs. For Acara, this provides a potential path to a business for teams with IIT-B students. Other IITs have their own incubators for the same purpose. I’ve worked with SINE for a number of years and they are a great group of people
  • Technopreneur Promotion Programme (TePP), is a program run by Dr. A.S. Rao and is part of the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research of the Indian government. TePP is like a pre-angel funding, providing small grants to entrepreneurs. In some ways it is like an SBIR we have in the US but here in India they go to really small (1 or 2 people) companies and are very practical products. It’s a well respected program in India. How this might fit with Acara yet is too early to say, but we certainly have compatible goals with TePP.

In some upcoming posts, I’ll talk with a SINE-sponsored entrepreneur and with an entrepreneur from the BOP.