Well, it has been a couple weeks since I made an entry. We were quite busy with the Acara Challenge, which went very well. We reviewed teams in Chicago on May 9 and in Minneapolis on May 11. These went very well and everyone was quite impressed with the proposals. The winning team was Reachout Water Solutions from the UMN/IIT-B. They will be traveling to Mumbai on May 26 to spend a couple of weeks there. Erin and I will be there with them, helping them get going and meeting with potential funders, etc. Much more on this trip later.

Here are some links of interest.

The Minnesota Daily has a nice article on the winning team.

The Minnesota lectures are archived for a month or so on this link, you can watch them there. At some point we will get both the Chicago and Minnesota lectures on our link.

The business plans for the teams are on our website here.