On Tuesday, May 26, I’ll be leaving for Mumbai, traveling with the Reachout Team members from the University of Minnesota. The members from Minnesota are Brian Bell, Karthikeyan Bharath Kumar, Mark Lundgren, and Tony Schrempp. It was kind of a mad rush to get visas and make all the arrangements in such a short time but I think we are ready. Erin will be joining us on May 30.

The trip will serve several objectives, and as Erin said at the finals, should really be viewed as a beginning, not an end. We will be working with IIT-B team members and other Acara students that are interested. We hope to continue to advance the business plan of Reachout. We will do more survey work in the slums. We will be meeting with various incubators and funders who have an interest in the team. We will also spend some time with other young entrepreneurs who can give the team members advice on what it is like to start a new business.

All of us will be contributing to the blog over the next few weeks. I am definitely in my usual “I’m just not ready to travel all the way to India” mood I get into a few days before leaving. But once I get on the plane I am ok. I bought some books, filled up my iPod, so I am ready to go. I am also at least trying to get some things set up before we get there, but that’s one of the first lessons our team will learn, India moves at its own pace.