Today completes our first full day in India. The morning started out by meeting a Mr. Gagan Goyle. He started his first business while in his third year of university at IIT Bombay. He now runs a successful startup business that works to educate students in real life science and engineering through providing curriculum and training and in the field of robotics. He gave us good insight into what it takes to start a successful business.

After the morning meeting and some time attempting to sort out phone service, we had the privilege of meeting our IIT Bombay counterparts for the first time. We gave the presentation for our water solution and received critical feedback from the students on our ideas. We also had the pleasure of meeting with the community representatives that had been assisting the IIT Bombay students with their ground research. After the critique session, we organized our first field trip into the slums.

Tomorrow we will be traveling into slums near IIT Bombay campus to perform our first round of field research. We hope to learn more about how our program can be adapted to a slum setting. We will be working with two students from IIT Bombay and the community representative. We will also be meeting with Mr Jugtap, our contact at the municipality of greater Mumbai.