Today began with a morning meeting with our contact from the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, Mr. Anand Jugtap. He was very informative with insights into the Slum Sanitation Program and about the implementation of a water program in general. He is going to be setting up a tour of Slum Sanitation facilities on Monday, meetings with a slum water cooperative on Wednesday and a group meeting with the community based organizations on Friday. He will be helping us refine our ideas and move our program forward.

We also had our first tour of a slum community during the time period when water runs throughout the city of Mumbai, between 1-4pm. This is the only time period water runs through the municipal lines. It was very interesting to see firsthand some of the conditions that we had been reading about the past six months. Even within the same community, people obtain water in a variety of ways. Some people own municipal taps, which are usually located in the narrow walk ways/streets between homes. Some buy water from neighbors. Some take water from public taps and carry it longer distances to their homes. There were also a few wells, though they were not in use. In general, people do receive about 30-50L of water per capita per day. During our community visit, it was most useful to learn from the community members about their water use, treatment, and problems. We met with community members and were able to see the problems with the water distribution system and learn about how they currently obtain water. From the visit, we saw a lot and hope to use our observations and informal discussions to further our ideas.

Tomorrow we will be moving onto the IIT Bombay campus and making more visits to two other slum communities in Mumbai.