Today started with a change of scenery. We moved from the Rodas Hotel, where we stayed the first 3 nights, to the student housing at the Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai. After settling in to our new rooms we met with Dr. Sethi from the Center for Environmental Science and Engineering and toured his labs. It was great to learn about some of the environmental research going on here from monitoring of air quality throughout India to experimenting with gasifiers to obtain energy from biomass.

After lunch in the mess hall at our hostel, we spent a few hours relaxing before taking off for our second slum visit. This time we visited a slum a bit farther from campus and were guided by two men who live in the community. Again we spoke with several community residents about their water situation. In this slum, water runs from 5:30-9:30pm every night and people pay for all the water coming into the slum. It consisted of permanent housing. People pay the equivalent of about $3 per month per family for water. The largest problems were that the pipes are old at 25 years and that often the pipes run through the sewer drains. We frequently saw pipes that were leaking water, which means that dirty water can also get into the water pipes. All the people we spoke with boil water only during monsoon (which starts in ~1 week) since many more of the pipes become submerged in contaminated sewage water. There are few sewage lines in these communities, instead just open sewer drains.

After returning from the slum visit, we returned to the hostel, played some ping pong, and headed out for a night in Mumbai. We took “autos,” or auto rickshaws, to a nice restaurant not far from campus where we enjoyed ourselves for a few hours. Then it was back to the hostel for a restless night of sleep in our steamy dorms.