Tuesday was spent in a very productive day having collaborative meetings. Our morning meeting was between ReachOut Water Solutions, the Acara Institute, and members of the IIT Bombay facility including Dr. Anand B. Rao from the CTARA (Centre for Technology Alternatives for Rural Areas) group, Dr. Ravi Gudi, Dr. Sethi and students from our IIT Bombay counterpart class. This meeting was able to help the Acara Institute strengthen ties with IIT Bombay and helped begin to map out how the collaborative competition would work next year. CTARA is a very interesting research institution within IIT Bombay which engages students in research projects related to the technical needs of rural areas. ReachOut had the opportunity to present some of our early findings from our slum visits and discuss what impact our field visits had on the direction of our project and receive feedback and direction from the professors and students.

In the afternoon we had the pleasure of meeting with a Dr. A.S. Rao from the Government of India in the Department of Science and Technology, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research. In this meeting their were also members of the IIT Bombay incubator group Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE). Both Dr. Rao and SINE were very interested in our program and were able to provide helpful and insightful feedback into some of the challenges we will be facing implementing a water program. However, both Dr. Rao and SINE offered their support as we move forward. This was very encouraging.