Thursday the ReachOut team and the Acara Challenge met with faculty from IIT Bombay to discuss how the course would function in next years Acara Challenge at IIT. Neel from our class at the U of M who grew up in Mumbai was able to join us again for the discussion, and we were able to make significant progress towards formalizing a class here. We also discussed how the Acara Challenge had benefited us personally. The consensus was that this challenge helped us realize and utilize different skill sets to the ones we had trained for in our fields of study. These skill sets, we felt, are highly valuable when tackling real world challenges and are not part of conventional university training. The faculty at IIT Bombay shared similar concerns about the lack of application of learning in their curriculum and expressed great interest in seeing the challenge expanded within their institution. It was a successful meeting to say the least.

In the evening, the ReachOut team, accompanied by Neel, went to the Juhu beach in northwest Mumbai to sample some of its famous street food vendors and had a long walk along the seaside at night (pictured below).