Today was a low key day, but really gave us a chance to look back and reflect upon what this trip has really meant to us. We spent the morning scanning through our pictures and notes to put together our presentation. In doing so, we feel very fortunate to be given this opportunity. In tackling this problem from the start there is the inherent feeling that this is just too complex of an issue to solve. It is in insolvable problems that great opportunities present themselves. Visiting these seven slums we have seen the heterogeneity embedded in each one with its own unique social and physical conditions. The severity of their water issues vary as well, but the common underlying theme is the people who live there. In talking with them over the trip, we have seen the strength they have within their communities. Tapping into this opportunity and working with them is the key to solving these issues.

As the evening rolled around we met up with students from the UC Berkeley group Haath Mein Sehat (Health In Hand) over dinner to share what we have been doing. Their organization, which has been running for several years, has been focusing on a number of issues in hygiene. They have developed many ties with students from universities all over Mumbai. Their primary objective is to work with these students to volunteer in the slum communities to help residents realize the importance and benefits of hygiene in both water and sanitation. Eleven Berkeley students will be spending the next 3 months here Mumbai working to further their program and helping these communities.