This is Fred, interrupting a great series of posts by the Reachout team. As you can tell from the writing, they have had a very successful and a very busy trip so far. They have greatly impressed the people they have met with their understanding of the issues but more importantly I think, by their ability to adapt their solution as they visit the wide variety of slums here in Mumbai.

Erin and I have joined some of the slum visits, especially to understand how the CBOs work, as they seem to be such a key element to make the toilet blocks sustainable, and to work through the complexity of political and social elements involved in working in the slums. However, much of the time Erin and I have been meeting other organizations here in Mumbai, which could either be collaborators or funders. These include Acumen Fund, Ashoka, Ethos , and UnLtd India. It has been good to understand how these organizations work, the kinds of social ventures they fund, what works for them, what doesn’t work, etc. More on these as we catch our breath and figure out the next steps.

Overall the trip has been quite successful from all perspectives.