We did a survey of the students after the Acara Challenge. Most of the key points I have discussed at some point in this blog, I’m not going to rehash them. The survey is available on this folder.

According to the survey, the most important reason for signing up for the class was the fact the challenge was addressing a social problem, followed by the fact it was a real-world problem.

Students strongly agree that the fact the challenge is a competition, in addition to a class, is important to them.

I think the most interesting result is this: 46% of the students said they would be willing to keep working on moving their idea towards commercialization, whether they win or not. And 90% of the students said they would be involved as a mentor for next year.

When we were in Mumbai and the students were summarizing the class to the IIT-B faculty, they reiterated the fact that it was a real problem and that they had to work out the solutions amongst diverse opinions were both very important to them. It wasn’t a “class project”, the results could really help someone.