This is a video made by a Lego League exchange team (Techno Travelers) , that was based in St. Peter, Minnesota but had a team member in Florida. They used a variety of Internet tools to talk, share video, computer screens, in order to build a Lego robot for competition. With respect to virtual teams, they had a big advantage in that the team member, Zach, was part of the team in MN, before moving to Florida. That certainly helped with the team building, but there were new team members added after Zach left, which did complicate things. I was impressed with this team, as they figured out, as junior high aged kids, how to work virtually together, which is something a lot of adult teams struggle with. I think the key discussion was around “what advice would give to a new team in this situation”. This might not be in the short video but should be in the longer, 9 minute video. One very valuable piece of advice for any team, in the first meeting make sure you all understand the objectives and goals of each team member. Align your expectations. In a competition, there is nothing more disruptive than team member having different goals (I just want to have fun vs. I just want to win, for example).
Building virtual teams is hard, all teams in the Acara Challenge find that out, this is good view into a team that did it really well.