When we were in Mumbai in early June with the Reachout team, there was a lot of discussion on the monsoon. Everyone said we needed to do our trip before the monsoon hits on June 10, the usual date it starts. All solutions for water in the slums need to take into account the monsoon and the flooding that comes with it. So in every slum visit we talked about that. Well the monsoon didn’t come while we were there and it came very late, and in most cases, very little. This is have a devastating effect on parts of India. See this NY Times article. In rural areas, farmers are completely dependent on the monsoon for their crops. In Mumbai, they depend on the monsoon to refill the lakes from which they draw their water. These lakes are only about half full now. On this trip I met with a BMC (Bombay Municipal Water Corp.) official and he was clearly very nervous and sensitive about water supply.

We do plan to address water again in the 2010 challenge. It is certainly timely.