I am on the way home from an exhausting three week trip to India. Was in Delhi, then to Mumbai, back to Delhi, train to Roorkee, back to Delhi, fly to Bangalore, then drive to Vellore, back to Bangalore, then back to Delhi, and fly home. Whew..

But it was a very productive trip. We visited a lot of universities, all of who were interested in the Acara Challenge. The challenge is now getting the Acara Challenge worked into each of their various schedules and such. IIT Bombay has a mechanical design class going on this semester that is starting to look at energy issues in rural areas. This will help lay the groundwork for this topic for the upcoming challenge. I gave a lecture to this class on the Acara process. We visited IIT-Delhi and IIT-Roorkee, both of which are likely to get engaged. We met with MTech students at IIT-Delhi Energy Centre and there was a lot of enthusiasm from them. We met with several incubators, including a new one at IISc (India Institute of Science – Bangalore). We visited a couple of management schools: IIM-Bangalore and SB Jain in Mumbai. It would be great to get them involved, the management schools here really are offset from US schedules, so that will take some creative thinking. We visited VIT in Vellore, and I had the opportunity to give a guest lecture there as part of their 25th anniversary celebration, GraVITas. We visited a number of companies and other organizations. There is a rapidly growing interest and awareness of social entrepreneurship in India. Overall, it’s more on the entrepreneurship side than the social side I think. At IIM-B, there was a class on entrepreneurship that had 90 students sign up for, but 140 students signed up for the social entrepreneurship class. Still in the top schools in India, most students (and their parents) want to get a job at a multi national.

More about the India visits on later blogs..