While in Bangalore a few weeks ago we met with some folks with CHF International, a multi-national NGO. They have some interesting public/private partnerships going on in Bangalore, Pune and Nagpur, which are funded by the Gates Foundation. One of the projects we discussed was Labour Net, an online service in Bangalore that connects “informal workers”, like plumbers, masons, etc. to a central dispatch service. This allows a customer to go online and make a request. It’s a more sophisticated version of the rickshaw dispatch system mentioned in the previous blog post. In India, trades people are typically not well organized like they are in the US, where a larger company may employ tens or hundreds and do this sort of dispatch/billing for them all. So this is a big improvement and show be a win for both tradesmen and customers. Like with the rickshaws, Labournet businesses could provide interesting challenges for Acara.