I am still behind in my posts. I spent a long weekend visiting my daughter Allison, who is studying theology in graduate school at St. Louis University. It’s always fun talking with her about her academic work, as it is so completely different from my own work. I like theology and religious study but only as a “hobby” for me. We talked a lot about Eastern religions and how they compare with Christians, a subject of one of her classes. We drove to Memphis to get her out of the academic world and did tourist stuff like visiting Graceland, a shrine of a different sort.

A few weeks ago, I gave a presentation at the Nobel Conference at Gustavus Adolphus College. This conference in Minnesota had some world class scientists on the agenda. It’s more a general audience (think NPR Science Friday or Scientific American) kind of conference (about 5000 people there, a lot of students) and very good quality content. The topic this year was water but the headline talk was Dr. Pachauri, who shared the Peace Prize with Gore and is chair of the IPCC. His talk on climate change and world peace is definitely worth a listen. He was a great speaker. I certainly agree with his concerns that major climate change can cause problems with global peace. Think for example what would happen if a major drought hit India and hundreds of millions of people became refugees looking for a place to move. Where would they go? Pakistan? Iran? Sure, that would be no problem. Developing small local, sustainable, and financially viable businesses is Acara’s small contribution to world peace.

All lectures are archived here. My talk was in the evening and wasn’t archived. No loss there. It was just a general Acara overview. But the other talks are good, I’d encourage you to take a listen.