Anil Diggikar, additional municipal commissioner of Brihanmumbai Municipal Commissioner (BMC), wears a ‘Save Water, Save Lives’ badge to emphasize the need to save water. In a recent move, the BMC has decided to treat the city’s water crisis as an event. It is planning to appoint an event management company to create awareness on the urgent need to save water.

A recent article on BBC news said that the city needs four billion liters of drinking water every day to service the need of all its residents. However, the BMC can supply 3.3 billion liters of drinking water every day. Alternate water sources like rain water harvesting, dug wells and bore wells are used to augment water supply but a critical solution would be to educate people to not waste water.

In recent years, the BMC has held seminars and exhibitions on water conservation, but has reached a very small audience. A lot of people believe that if the BMC were to fix leaks immediately and take action against those blatantly wasting water, it would get the message across more effectively.

Even though the BMC is trying to advocate conservation of water, many observers believe the water shortage will continue if serious steps are not taken to address the crisis. There are fears that if the population continues to grow and demand for water hits new highs, then the crisis could escalate and the city may run out of water within fifteen years.

Unless a longer-term solution and a collective effort to conserve water is put in place, many analysts worry that Mumbai’s 20 million or so residents could be left high and dry!