The Earth Club at IIT Bombay is a student initiative committed to creating a sustainable future for the institute campus and the world. The club recently got involved in Green projects, implementable at institute level. These Green projects are driving sustainability issues through research, backed by facts and figures. For instance, they took up a project on e-waste disposal management and created a report (which has a detailed study of the status-quo) and brought the problem in the view of the authorities. In a nutshell, the Earth club is becoming a “sustainable consulting group” for the campus which will come up with studies, reports and analyses, based on which it will suggest sustainable alternatives to the management and junta.

The Earth Club aspires to demonstrate excellent community leadership and through their initiatives, strives to inspire and empower campus residents to be responsible towards the campus environment. The Earth Club also plans to create a platform for motivated students, academicians, leaders and corporate to address the challenge of climate change and sustainability as they grow.

As it grows, the club will organize and drive social activities, sustainability symposiums, conferences and lecture series of experts and leaders from all over the world and will spear-head and represent the students’ community of India in mitigating the climate change problem & environmental issues. Ever since the club’s inception in Feb. 2009, the members of the club have demonstrated conviction and dedication to what they have committed themselves to and the club has undertaken many interesting and effective projects and events.

The e-waste management is one of the largest projects taken by the club till now. As of now IIT Bombay doesn’t have any policy regulations for the disposal of e-waste. All kinds of waste, irrespective of its salvage value or impact on environment is sold or written off through the same channel of the central stores, which is finally tendered to some traditional scrap vendors, with no credibility and expertise of handling e-wastes. The club is working towards setting up a safe disposal mechanism, which will ensure the involvement of only the certified e-waste recyclers, with prerequisite infrastructure for the safe electronic disposal. The Earth Club members have submitted the necessary documents to the Director’s office, which are expected to be passed by this month end. Following that, a pilot project will be carried out to study the operational feasibility and economic viability of the e-waste disposal process by the Club. It is in its final stages of implementation as a pilot project.

Waste-measurement is yet another novel and impactful initiative of Earth club. They started measuring the mess waste (amount of waste generated by the mess) per day (in H1 hall of residence) and displayed the readings on a white board in the mess itself. To their surprise, without any much effort, they saw the readings reducing as we progress in the week, thereby changing the eating habits of the Janta.

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