Driven by the mission “Safe, sustainable water for all”, the India Water Portal is a rich online resource base and virtual community on water. The Water Portal is an idea that was mooted by the National Knowledge Commission, which is interested in the creation of a number of knowledge portals in critical areas. The Water Portal was launched officially in January 2007 at a function at the Prime Minister’s residence in New Delhi. It is a completely free and open platform, for the dissemination of information and knowledge and discussion and debate on water issues.

The ultimate objective of the portal is to address equity and sustainability issues in the Water Sector. Therefore, they are actively pursuing alternate outreach methods like print media, radio and workshops, to ensure that this knowledge reaches those on the ground who need it most. They believe that the India Water Portal has the potential to catalyze change on a large-scale by this sharing of knowledge leading to improved practices and informed debates.

This initiative has been primarily anchored and sponsored by Arghyam Foundation . Arghyam is a public charitable trust setup with a personal endowment from Ms. Rohini Nilekani. Arghyam seeks to support strategic and sustainable efforts in the water sector that enhance equity in access to water for all citizens.

In addition to the English language website, there are two associated regional language websites, one in Hindi and one in Kannada. These serve as a knowledge platform for the regional audiences and cater to some region-specific initiatives/case studies and happenings in the water sector. Another portal operated by India Water Portal staff is Water Conflicts, related to water usage and needs. More specifically, it is an effort to bring together all those interested in working on issues related to water conflicts in India into a loose network for action and interaction.