Acute shortage and unreliable State power is hampering the growth of SMEs in India. Almost all industries have alternate source in the form of generator sets which prove to be highly expensive. IIT Roorkee alumni Mayank Agarwal and Sudhir Manchanda are addressing this problem through ‘Biomass gasification’, which is basically the conversion of solid biomass into a combustible gas mixture normally called Producer Gas. The process is not new but the technological improvements in the recent years have made it an economical and practical solution, and in some cases, a real saver. They also provide consultancy services synchronised with the product, which include feasibility analysis, preparing Detailed Project Report (DPR), Govt. and Carbon Credit related approvals, equipment installation and, operation and maintenance (O&M) of the plant.

Ambicales is a professional marketing & consulting service provider in the area of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. They expertise in Energy Efficiency and Biomass briquetting and pelletisation projects and provide consultancy services. They help clients to get the best possible results and the quickest payback period.

Ambicales envisions to contribute towards solving the challenges of climate change and protect the environment. They have set out with giving professional marketing services in the area of Renewable Energy. Subsequently, they have built a robust consultancy service model around our portfolio company’s products in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. In time to come, they want to develop in-house R&D and manufacturing facilities for renewable energy technologies.

Both Mayank and Sudhir believe that the future has lots of opportunities in store for Renewable Energy and Energy efficiency. In the Solar Energy area, one of their portfolio products is the solar concentrator system for Industrial Process Heat (IPH) applications, the first of its kind in India. The technology was developed at IIT Bombay and is supported by MNRE (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy). The system has the highest annual heat generation capacity in its category. It operates at 80 to 350°C in On-line or Add-On mode with the existing boiler or heater for heat supply, at any time of the day or night. It can deliver heat at 50 to 90 kW (thermal) during day-time.

In the current world scenario, when all nations are negotiating on cutting down emissions, corporations like Ambicales can create a huge difference in making industries sustainable and green. May the green spirit continue to grow!