We are roughly a fortnight away from COP15 negotiations in Copenhagen. This is a crucial time for the Youth. Not only will they face the consequences of any decisions made in Copenhagen, they are the ones who can make the change towards a safer, clean and productive world, one that must be fair, free and full of opportunities. After the mass mobilizations in the recent past, it’s time to convert them into one voice loud enough to be heard by the decision makers, nationally and international. The base camp is the place to make your voices heard at the highest level.

A ‘COP15 vigil’ camp in India will help the millions of Indian youth & affected communities get connected to the negotiations and sideline proceedings in Copenhagen, Denmark. This will send a strong message to the Indian negotiators and other world leaders that a billion strong nation is watching!

A joint effort of many organizations that are concentrating on mobilizing different sections of the population, the base camp is an event that will bring together the civil society together and keep a watch on what is happening in Copenhagen. Over two weeks (05th Dec – 18th Dec) the major thrust would be to connect the grassroots voices and the many concerned voices to Copenhagen and get regular updates from the negotiations and translating them into layman’s language.

The camp will start on 5th December, 2009 with Himalayan Music Concert aimed at bringing the focus of Government and public action on the Himalayas that are a source of food, water and livelihoods to South Asia.

Parallel to the concert, activities such as a public meeting, photo exhibition and film screening will start to initiate thinking in the minds of thousands of people on whose behalf the negotiations are taking place. This will follow with the various activities aimed at connecting millions of Indian youth and affected communities to the COP15 negotiations in Copenhagen.