Ok, this isn’t about something deep and substantive like Sarabjeet has been covering, as he prepares to go to Copenhagen. It was just Thanksgiving weekend here in the US, a family-focused time, so I’ll put up something a little more family oriented.

I am the family historian of my generation and I am in the process of digitizing a ton of old photos (really old, most than 50 years old, and some more than 100 years old), newspaper

clippings, family letters, etc. I’m doing what I often do, hired someone in India to do it (see Scancafe). I spent a lot of time on this history, it’s very escapist for me.
This image, one of the few of me as a kid (the hazard of being youngest in a big and older family), I’ve always liked. Anyone who knows me has observed the “Fred” lecture (either by presentation, email or even blog) which is a spiel on the “right” way to do something. Here I am at about age 8, giving a 4-H demonstration on how to test the germination of grain. How to do it the right way of course! Predating PowerPoint, or even PCs or email, but the bullet points are there!