I arrived in Copenhagen on Sunday evening and the ride from the airport to my camp (mini-dorm like houses) was not that painful. Though I was expecting temperatures to be sub zero, it wasn’t that cold and I am used to living in temp. around 1 degree centigrade in the winters. It does get that cold in north India in the winters!

Monday morning was exciting as I had been waiting for the conference for a few months now. COP15 is being hosted at the Bella Center, which is a like a small township guarded from all sides, with all facilities – food, internet and everything else you need. In a nutshell, it is a modern fortress! You can borrow laptops, bikes and get free coffee too 🙂

If you get here early in the morning and can get inside early for the registration, you are very lucky or else you will need to wait in a long queue for hours to get registered (though the registration process itself is very short). The first hall on the entrance is a large exhibit area where non-profits, youth organizations, research institutes and universities showcase their work. Green Peace, Awaaz, Stanford, Yale, UN – everyone has a stall here!

There are innumerous desks and connections to work inside the Bella Center and wifi speed is pretty good. Besides the daily plenary sessions, there are a plethora of side-events and youth actions that go on all day in various places inside the venue. Often, you end up spending most of the time searching for rooms and halls until you have got very familiar with the Center. Some events are also being held at other venues in the city.

As far as the conference negotiations are concerned, though there are hopes of a climate deal, binding commitments are far from coming to reality. A danish text (proposal) was secretly released yesterday by the Guardian (UK news agency) which created a fury inside the plenary. Negotiators are saying that these are very early days of talks and only next week (when the head of states are scheduled to visit) will tell us what the conference will result in.

Will return soon will more updates!