It’s been a week since the negotiations began and the progress seems to have slowed down drastically. The developed countries want to chuck out the Kyoto Protocol whereas the developing countries, particularly the small island states are pushing hard for binding commitments. Tuvalo’s climate negotiator gave a very emotional speech in the plenary on Saturday, and parallelly, a massive rallywash held outside the Bella centre where about 100,000 activists participated. The vigil called for a fair binding deal where the leaders should promise to stick by 350 ppm.

Inside the Bella Center, the security has tightened and fewer and fewer people are going to be allowed inside in the next few days. The youth are planning to use the space outside for actions and rallies. It’s freezing cold in Copenhagen and as I watch the opening ceremony for the Heads of States (who have arrived over the weekend), it’s make me question how millions of dollars are being spent every year to hold conferences, which do not result in any concrete decisions. From the Earth Summit in 1992 to COP15, we haven’t come much far and still, we haven’t seem to learn anything.
I interviewed a climate change champion yesterday who strengthened my faith in the cause of climate change and it’s people like these who keep the hope alive.