I parked my car near the Solar Tree on the fifth street yesterday morning. It’s been 24 hours and I think I am ready to drive to Pune which is about 200 km. from here. Thanks to the world energy leaders for transforming the energy industry during the 20s. It’s 2035 and we are living in a oil-free economy. What a bliss! Though the oil nations had to go through rough times and developing countries faced a lot of issues, we have made our planet at least worth living and have saved civilizations from being doomed forever.

During the drive to Pune, we will stop at the Solar Electric Garden on the highway to see how the small towns and villages between Mumbai and Pune now have access to electricity. I have heard that the Garden is an amazing innovative idea which is targeting tourists to spread the message of ‘Go Solar’. But what I love the most are the Solar transit shelters in New Delhi which are soon coming to Mumbai. The shelters are powered by roof integrated photovoltaics, are made of green materials and have wireless internet.

I remember my visit to COP15 back in 2009 when several NGOs, youth organizations and activists from around the world had fought with the world leaders and urged everyone to put an end to carbon emissions and save the world and how the Accord was not a  successful deal.

But today, when I look back, I feel happy and proud that we made it! Yes, we made it!