And about, 2.6 billion people worldwide, use it! It causes dangerous Indoor Air Pollution! Yes, we are talking about the traditional fuel stove.

Now think of a solution which reduces toxic emissions by as much as 80%, while using 50% less fuel and reducing cooking cycle time by 40%. Developed jointly by Envirofit and Shell Foundation, the clean burning biomass cookstoves were initially launched in 2007 to engineer and deliver clean solutions that are affordable and attractive to people who are impacted by Indoor Air Pollution (IAP).

Think Change India recently wrote an article on these improved biomass stoves. The article talks about four key factors which are essential in taking these clean stoves to masses – business viability, demographic reach, appropriate reach and financing options. Shell Foundation India is running an ongoing Indoor Air Pollution awareness campaign in Shimoga District of Karnataka where they are working with 111 villages and have partnered with the district and state administration to drive awareness on the third largest killer in the country, Indoor Air Pollution (IAP).

Envirofit combines engineering solutions with sustainable business models to solve problems of indoor and outdoor air pollution. Envirofit’s goal is to develop and distribute well-engineered energy products that address major environmental problems in the global emerging markets that traditionally have been overlooked. Established as a U.S. tax-exempt corporation, Envirofit utilizes initial donations and institutional support to fund product development and early stage product commercialization, and then uses operating income to develop and expand its businesses.

Given the large size of the rural population in India, Envirofit chose India as their first test market to develop and popularize the stove, which then can be replicated in other countries around the world. Their product saves time, money and most importantly, lives.