Time and again, investors and venture capitalists have focussed on the management team of start-ups while making critical decisions to put in their money. Think about it! Often, when we land on new websites or hear about new organizations, one of the first questions that pops into our head is, “Who are the people running it?”. Though it’s both good and bad to develop preconceived notions about an organization based on the team, team does matter a lot.

This philosophy has been iterated several times by researchers too. ‘It’s all about YOU!’ We have ideas and sometimes, they can be great. But, what makes ideas great? It’s the ability of YOU to connect the idea to the rest of the world that makes it great. You might have a thousand ideas but what’s required is courage and persistence to take the idea to the market and create impact.

I thought of writing this post because as Acara Teams, this is one question that you will always face. Is Acara Challenge a Business Plan competition or I really need to  run a business in case we win? Well, the answer depends on you. We do want YOU to run the business if it’s feasible and profit-generating so that you can create impact but at the end, the ball lies in your court!

Are you ready to accept the challenge?