The second story that we are profiling today is of Maninder Pal Singh. Maninder is pursuing his undergraduate studies in Civil Engineering at IIT Roorkee and has been working on a water issue as part of the  challenge in their adopted village, Charba. So far, their team has done substantial work in Grey Water Recycling and Drip Irrigation system.

What did you learn by participating in the Acara Challenge? This was our first question to Maninder. This is what he told us, “I have learnt how through systematic approaches, one can develop a good plan. In the beginning, we were struggling to communicate with our counterparts at IIT Chicago, but latter on, emails and a few calls on skype reduced this communication gap to reach the desired results. Then, we started taking the relevant data from Charba village like how many tube wells are operating there, how many ponds are located in Charba, how to convince people to give required data etc.”

He adds, “All this has helped me build strong communication skills I am very interested in writing business plans and Acara Challenge has given me a lot of experience and exposure. Our project required learning about collecting, separating, processing and distributing techniques for proper management of waste. I also spoke to people at International Development Enterprises(India) recently to see if we can work out a collaboration to provide relevant help like micro-loans to farmers of Charba, etc. ”

We went ahead asked Maninder what his future plans were and this is what he told us – “After completing my B.Tech, I will either want to study management or go for the Indian Administrative Services (IAS). I hope I will win the Acara Challenge and gain more knowledge, exposure and experience.”

Acara Institute thanks Maninder for taking out time for the interview.