The Acara Challenge has over 200 highly motivated university students involved this semester. Acara very much wants to keep these highly passionate and driven students involved in programs and helping them to achieve their goals for social change.  We do consider every alumni of an Acara Challenge to be part of the Acara Corps. To date the Acara Corps has been an informal group that Acara stays in touch with and recruits from for various opportunities (such as mentoring this years teams!).

To kickstart the Acara Corps, we have created the  Acara Corps  Fellowships. These Fellowship allow talented and motivated students that were involved in the Challenge to continue on business plans with assistance from Acara, and assist Acara in expansion in of its other programs.

I am pleased to announce the Acara Corps Fellowships for 2010:

  • Vellore Institute of Technology – Himanshu Chandra, Raman Shrivastava
  • KJ Somaiya Institute of Management and Research – Vikash Singh, Anirudha Khandarkar
  • IIT-Roorkee – Cashmira Pramanik, Maninder Pal Singh, Yash Baheti
  • University of Illinois, Chicago – Jane Miller
  • University of Minnesota (2009 Acara Challenge) – Karthikeyan Bharath Kumar
  • Leonardo’s Basement (2009 Acara Challenge) – Elliot Altbaum

Karthik and Raman have already been very active helping Acara during the ongoing challenge. The rest of the group will be getting involved over the next few months and spend their summer vacation working either on business plans (theirs if it ranks highly), developing material for Acara Challenge (for example, documenting a collaboration process using best practices), or on establishing, and defining,  better relationships with communities or other partner organizations. All of us at Acara are looking forward to their contributions and ideas!

We would also welcome ideas from you on ways to organize the Acara Corps and things they could do.

Fred Rose (CEO and Co-Founder, Acara Institute) and Erin Binder (Chairman of Board & Director of Marketing, Co-Founder, Acara Institute)