Spending almost 3 weeks working with the BioServe team, it was a great learning experience for me. After understanding the plan thoroughly, my next step was to coordinate with the team to convert their business plan into reality. I divided my work into two areas: a. Talks with the govt. officials and; b. Understanding the village demand through a survey along with my american teammates.

Post Tony and Chuck’s arrival, without wasting even a single day, we just plunged into work and went to Charba. This was my second trip after the first one when I collected all relevant information about energy needs in the village. This time, we stayed at someone’s house in the village to get a glimpse of their way of living. Then we made more trips to Charba while exploring some new villages too like Paunda, Emlikhera, Laksar etc. to test the validity of our plan. We also met with the Sintex people, some MFIs and several government officials.

It was a great experience. I learnt how to deal with the people and got knowledge about how govt. procedures work in India and how in a structured manner, one can turn a business plan into a real venture. My american team-mates told me about their culture and I discussed with them about our culture and that was really interesting for all of us. I must say that they were very punctual, hard working, good at listening and quite open minded. Our time ran so fast, traveling in the scorching heat between villages, cities, working, making conclusions, discussions and reporting during the last few weeks.

However, we did go for  for some sightseeing to Amritsar and Agra where we visited the Golden Temple and the Taj Mahal. Overall, it was fun working with them and I learnt a lot in my first year and enhanced, shaped my business oriented mind. There is more ahead in my coming days of internship during July.

Maninder Singh | Acara Corps Fellow | IIT Roorkee