Here’s a quick introduction: We are Acara Institute and we work with universities in India and the United States to help students learn about and start social businesses. Our flagship program, the Acara Challenge, recognizes the best ideas in fields like water and clean energy, and helps student teams take their ideas from discussion rooms to planning and operations stage.

Currently, we have four active teams of students across universities including IIT Roorkee and VIT in India and UMN and UIC in the US, who are working on their social venture plans. Ideas include a water purification and delivery business, a drip-irrigation venture in North India, a chrome recovery-from-tanneries idea, and a biogas plants refurbishing business. Our teams are led by undergrad and grad students, and fresh graduates who are motivated and plan to take their ideas to the next step. All they need is engaged mentorship and expert support from professionals, businessmen, and entrepreneurs. Anyone and everyone who can help them with anything is welcome.

In case you need more details or are interested in helping one of our student teams with their social business plans, write to me on and I will get back to you within 24 hours. Looking forward to hearing from all of you!