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“Survival is non-negotiable!”. This was one common chant that was resonating in the Bella Center, around the Kilma Forum and everywhere across the city, wherever the youth was making it’s voice heard during the climate summit. As COP15 came to an end with no justice for the climate and the vulnerable populations of the world, our global movement as the youth is going to continue and become stronger and bigger each day.

“You are not done yet!” is the voice of the Global Youth – a message to the world leaders to take action, to make decisions and do Climate Justice. A video capturing voices from as far as Australia to Bolivia and from India to the Pacific Islands, it sends across the message very clearly.

After I returned from my visit to COP15, the first thing that I heard is that Mumbai has only enough water to last for another few months (given the consumption patterns). Due to thirty percent deficit in the annual rainfall this year (#climatechange), fifteen percent additional cuts in water supply have been announced by the Municipal Corporation and this has hit around 14 million inhabitants, especially in the slums.

It is sad and surprising that water supply was not brought up as a serious issue in COP (and the parties were severely criticized for this, particularly by the water activists), even though it has become a growing concern worldwide. This is what Hannah Stoddard of Stakeholder Forum, an international multi-stakeholder organization working on environmental action, said in one of the side-events in Copenhagen, ” Let’s be clear not talking about water management in relation to an impending environmental crisis is tantamount to not talking about food shortage in the face of a famine.” During the World Water Week in Stockholm in August this year, it was clearly mentioned that water must be included in the COP-15 climate negotiations.

A short movie called “Hydrogenic City 2020” talks about the impending water crisis in LA and how a new technology of water reclamation can help solve that problem. But we need these technologies to be implemented urgently!

The area where I reside in Mumbai, is also facing small water cuts and Thursdays are going to be no-water days starting this week. In the face of such crisis, it is very crucial that we learn water management and use limited resources.